The least evangelized region in the Philippines, known as the Visayas, is Responding to the Gospel message in a big way, with thousands coming to Christ and scores of new churches and Bible studies being started.

How do we do it? We partner with a Filipino evangelistic team and local groups of pastors
and Christian leaders. (Continue with “Fiesta-style…” More updated
paragraphs are needed but will be forthcoming.) Fiesta-style "Crusades" are held every night And then followed up the next day with new Bible study groups being started in partnership With local believers. Making disciples of Christ begins with every visit to the town or village.

The power of the Holy Spirit is present and effectual in healing the sicknesses of the people and transforming lives and communities. Year-later reports have been taken: they show a pattern growth in the number of Christians in those areas. The lowest growth percentage we've seen So far in this work is 35% growth by conversion in the year following our campaigns. In some cases , we've seen 200% growth or more. We're now working with pastors in some Locales to fulfill A goal of planting a church in every village so that our Lord Jesus Christ can have the worship that He deserves in every place.

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