After trying various outreach methods in Russia we've found that using the arts: music, dance , and drama can be effective tools for reaching the youth and young adults of modern day Russia. We use a combination of American and Russian artists and performers to present the Gospel message. We also have breach parties, Seminars on various practical subjects, and visit in the homes of the friends of Russian Christians. In this way, pioneering pastors can quickly reach people and gather them into Churches where they can learn to be Disciples of Jesus. As in all of our campaigns, we try to unite existing pastors and churches to extend the kingdom of God

If God permits, we will conduct these festival campaigns in every regional center in Russia. Hopefully, God will continue to use these high profile events to make true Christian faith more known and accessible for ordinary people in those regions. The young people of Russia are open to the Christian message. Until now they've had few opportunities to see and hear of Christ in ways they can relate to, a few churches where they can grow in Christ. We need to continue until a vital movement to Christ springs forth in all the regions of Russia.

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